Accessibility of Online Gambling

online gambling

For you to enjoy the thrills of online gambling, you will need a computer with internet access. While gambling websites are mostly compatible with PCs running Windows, some have recently started to offer Mac compatibility. However, you can also play online casino games on your smartphone. If you can access the internet and a PC, you should have no problems.


Accessibility of online gambling has many benefits, but it is also associated with many risks, including increased risk of addiction and problem gambling. This is especially true for younger individuals, who may not be aware of the risks. Researchers have raised concerns about the potential for harms, and are exploring ways to limit the accessibility of online gambling.

Research has suggested that access to online gambling increases the likelihood of problem gambling among adolescent youth. The prevalence of problem gambling is higher among Internet gamblers than among non-gamblers. However, Internet accessibility is not a sufficient explanation of the risk of problem gambling.

Charges against operators of online gambling sites

While the federal government is targeting operators of online gambling sites, the charges do not stop there. Media outlets that accept advertising from illegal operators have also been warned of the consequences. In 2009, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo agreed to pay $31.5 million to settle charges stemming from accepting advertising from offshore gaming outlets. Likewise, the sports magazine Sporting News settled with the federal government for $7 million for accepting advertising from offshore gambling sites. If found guilty of violating federal law, media outlets could face seizure of their funds or a subpoena.

Federal prosecutors have been aggressive in cracking down on online gambling sites, mainly because they are run by offshore companies that are located in jurisdictions where gambling is not illegal. The CEO of the BetOnSports sportsbook, for example, was arrested in Dallas on a flight from the UK to Costa Rica, and the company’s affiliates and advertising partners were also targeted.

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