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pg soft

Pocket Games Soft, or PG SOFT, was founded in 2015 and already has an impressive library of 95+ games that are played in more than 100 countries. The company focuses on video slots, but also has a few table games. Most of their titles are developed with mobile devices in mind, but they are fully compatible with desktop computers as well. The company uses HTML5 to create their games, so they are flexible enough to adapt to any screen size.

pg soft

The PG SOFT team is full of young people who are excited about their work and motivated to keep making progress. They value ideas and innovation, and they work with math graduates from Oxford and Cambridge universities to ensure that their games are fair. They use their own proprietary software to test the randomness of the games, and they have also had their games tested by an independent agency, BMM Testlabs.

Unlike other casino game developers, PG SOFT focuses on delivering an authentic experience. They want their games to feel like they’re actually being played on a device, and they want the interface to match the theme of the game. This way, the gamer is completely immersed in the story and will never get distracted.

Another way PG SOFT makes their games stand out is by adding extra features that enhance the gameplay. For example, some of their slots have special characters who speak to the player during gameplay. This is something that many players enjoy because it adds a level of interaction that they don’t find in other slot machines.

In addition to the innovative 3D graphics, PG SOFT’s games feature unique and captivating themes. They can be themed around a number of different subjects, including ancient pirates, legends, luck, mythology, history, and more. These games are fun to play, and they can be found at many top online casinos.

PG SOFT has a large portfolio of casino games that are available in multiple languages and on both mobile and PC platforms. The games are developed using a variety of programming techniques, including HTML5 and Unity. The company has a wide range of games that are suitable for both novice and expert players.

While pg soft is a newcomer to the gaming industry, they’ve made quite an impression on the industry with their debut appearance at London ICE Totally Gaming in 2017. The company has a small team of designers, experts, artists, and mathematicians, but they are already making waves in the iGaming world. They are focusing on revolutionizing mobile app gameplay with innovative 3D graphics and dynamic animations. Their games are easy to install and use, which makes them an excellent choice for any mobile device user. They’re also compatible with most browsers and devices, so players from all over the world can enjoy them.

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